whistle while you work

I spent much of yesterday sanding the floors at the apartment we are building, and today will be applying the finish. Then I will start installing the kitchen. As it happens, the amount of construction that has been going on has left little time for perusing eBay.

That said, yesterday’s sanding chores must have increased my clicking speed on the computer. I hopped on email/eBay/teaching discussion boards for a couple of moments in the early evening last night, and saw a buy it now on a "vintage whisle corkscrew."

I (with lightning-fast-clicking-superpower gained from all that sanding) clicked the BUY IT NOW, and then set about making dinner.

This morning, I received an email that read, "hi, arghhhh, you got my bin 320594244805 i hate people who dont respond to request early & time zones….. I had to go to sleep…."

I am wondering if the emailer was typing "arghhhh" in a pirate voice?

Anyway, it seems that soon enough, I will be able to whistle while I work.

Thanks unnamed pirate binner dude!


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