I will report, that we did hunt for corkscrews on our first leg of our journey, but found little worth buying.

We did have a terrific brunch however.

And, we did pick up some ice to chill down some Sancerre in anticipation of reaching our first destination of the trip.

But, while we were driving down, there was an online auction lot that was ending.

I had placed a bid, and was the sole bidder on a lot that had a poor description, that somehow I had found.

Knowing that there might be another bidder out there, I upped my bid with 2 hours to go.

And, with the auction counting down, I put the iPhone away.

Hopeful of course…

In short order, an email notification came though…

The auction lot was mine. I was indeed the only bidder.

And, a Shibata patent is heading to the island.

It remains to be seen, if it is complete and functional, but it was certainly worth the price of admission.

Better pictures when it arrives!

And, of course the road-trip to the JFO continues shortly.

Stay tuned!


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